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An Evening of One-Acts

(Snitch Rock n' Roll Bar & Shetler Studios: Bridge Theater 2007)



4 one-acts by State of Play Productions' Founding Member Mat Bussler, directed by 4 different up-and-coming young directors. Featuring a LIVE soundtrack by hit art-rock band THE LISPS (, just back in NYC from their national tour. This evening of intellectual blue-collar humor visited a tense bachelor party, a college coffee house, a futuristic dystopia and a lively conglomeration of dirty humor and abstract thought.


Roadside Assistance

Director – Jody P. Person

Cast: Chloe Demrovsky, Adam La Faci, Jody P. Person


Roomate Rules

Director – Mat Bussler

Cast: Karl Allen, Leslie Boles,

Josh La Casse


Last Night

Director – John William Schiffbauer

Cast: Mat Bussler, Bruce Lemon, Halleluyah Walcott


What If It Were Quiet?

Director – Chloe Demrovsky

Cast: Elizabeth Boyle, Michael Cortez, Loren Vandegrift

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