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‘Da Da’ (There, I Said It Twice)


(Radio Play 2008)

In collaboration with Elixir Productions, we have created this fun, schizo-sonic radio play. Part experiment in Dada “cut-ups” and part homage to the radio broadcasts of yesteryear, the piece consists of three original playlets, rehearsed separately. 


A throwback to old-school Hardy Boys adventures, “The Tweekleworth Twins and the Mysterious Flying Object” by Mat Bussler follows two daredevil brothers on their dangerous encounter with a wily, Russian villainess. “More a Conference Than a Threesome” by Ed Cardona, Jr. fuses 1940s radio soap opera with a spicy telenovela tryst, and “Radio Monologue” by Noah Ballard answers the question: If your radio could talk, what would it say?


The performers gathered to record their separate plays, only to be asked at the last moment to hand their scripts back to creator/producers Alex DeFazio, Chloe Demrovsky, and Jody P. Person. In true Dada fashion, Chloe scissored the plays to pieces and taped them back together in random order with the help of Alex and Jody. The actors gave their performances in the resulting order, swapping microphones and staying on their toes to complete the recording in two continuous takes.


Interspersed with recorded snippets which document the process itself, “‘Da Da’ (There, I Said It Twice)” features vocal performances by Michelle Concha, Chloe Demrovsky, Adam La Faci, Keegan McDonald, George Miller, Yiraldi Reyes, and Loren Vandegrift. The recording was engineered by Chris Ghaffoor, with editing and sound design by Alex DeFazio; based on a concept by Chloe Demrovsky, Alex DeFazio, and Jody P. Person.

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