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About Us



State of Play Productions is a hot little incubator hatching new work by theater artists. We embrace challenges and foster communication. We shake up the traditional order by encouraging actors to produce, working alongside writers and directors from the beginning to create art of unprecedented creativity and bold integrity. To reach the largest audience possible, we expand across media, presenting our work in radio, film and other audio/visual formats.


If we can inspire people, even for a moment, to live the life that their most courageous self would lead, to cast their fears aside and touch the hearts of others, then we have completed our mission.

Players (Company Members)

Michelle Concha - Artistic Director

Member since 2007

Adam La Faci - Executive Director

Founding Member (2006)

Brenton Lengel - Resident Playwright Member since 2012

Melanie Clark - Administrative Member 

Member since 2012

Jessica Creane - Resident Director

Member since 2012

Board of Advisors


Eric Scarazzo (Pro Bono Legal Counsel), Christiane Seidel (Marketing), Loren Vandegrift (Graphic Design/Web Development)


Where Are They Now...


State of Play Productions wouldn't be anything without the hard work and dedication of its founders and former members.

Click here for current news on  the crew that made it all come together.

Early Company History


State of Play Theatre was formed on January 30th, 2006, when its members decided to formalize their working relationship and produce a unique show called The City That Cried Wolf, by Brooks Reeves. After touring western Massachusetts the company moved to New York and the production became part of the 2006 New York International Fringe Festival. Along with several great reviews State of Play received an invitation to re-mount the production at the prestigious 59E59Theaters in December 2007. Besides producing several smaller projects including staged readings and an evening of one-acts, State of Play spent over a year rehearsing, rewriting and developing The City That Cried Wolf for its next incarnation. The show ran four weeks at 59E59 with rave reviews, most notably from The New York Times.

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