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North to Maine:

A Journey on the Appalachian Trail

(American Theater of Actors 2014, COW Theater 2013, Shetler Studios Staged Reading 2012)


Written by Brenton Lengel

Directed by Eric Parness


North to Maine is the first play ever written about the Appalachian Trail and the Thru-Hikers who walk it. Every year, in late March, nearly 2,000 people gather at its southern terminus and attempt the feat of walking it, in its entirety, in a single season. They come from all walks of life, and from all over the world. They carry all their possessions on their backs, and sleep in tents and shelters along the way, trusting their lives to providence, the kindness of strangers, and to their own hands. They do not walk for money, or fame, rather they are driven to walk, some would say compelled, by the journey itself.

"North to Maine by Brenton Lengel reminds us that theater, even produced on a small budget in the indie sector, and even with just a few characters on stage, has the potential to be epic. It’s about a group of people who are walking the length of the Appalachian Trail–all 2000+ miles (something that the playwright himself has done). North to Maine is about what it means to be human and how and why our capacity to strive for greatness finally defines us."

-Martin Denton, IndieTheaterNow




"North to Maine encapsulates the human condition, illustrating how we all must take our journeys separately even though what we ultimately need is connection... there is more than enough to keep you captivated as it builds towards its ultimately moving conclusion. Lengel has written a timeless story that reaches out and grabs all who long for an adventure. I highly recommend seeing this play before it ends its run—and in any incarnation thereafter." - Gina Femia, New York Theatre Review

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