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The How To ____ Plays:

Original Short Play Festival

(TurtleShell Theater 2011)



State of Play collaborated with seven emerging playwrightsto explain everything you wanted to know about the topics you never thought to ask about!


How to Get Out of Your Own Head

by Marshall Fine

Directed by Jack Frederick


How to Date Blindly

by Lina Sarrello

Directed by Fidel Vicioso


Love, Bebe

by Jason Martin

Directed by Christopher Mirto


How to Be Patient

by Marjorie LeWit

Directed by Christopher Mirto


Trolling 101

by Brenton Lengel

Directed by Melinda Prom


How to Care for Your Pet Tarantula

by Michael Marceline

Directed by Michael Chamberlin


Venus Attacks!

by Levi Wilson

Directed by Joshua Chase Gold

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