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Random Acts:

An Educational Play

(Massachusetts Middle/High School Tour 2010)

In collaboration with The Chester Theatre Company


Written by Michael Dowling

Directed by Byam Stevens


"Random Acts" is a fast-paced, fun play that uses real-life stories to examine the physical and psychological repercussions of hazing in schools. The show focuses on the everyday, less conspicuous acts of bullying that, when unchecked, can easily escalate into real violence. Engaging students through comedy and relatable characters, this play also stimulates thoughtful discussion about important topics they encounter daily in the news and in life. Playwright Michael Dowling developed this play from private interviews with high school students and his experiences working with teens-at-risk. “Random Acts” takes us through two days at a fictional high school where our characters face issues that are universally relevant to students in grades 6-12.

**Recipient of the Massachusetts Alliance for Arts Education Award for Champions of Arts Education**


Educators say:


“Random Acts was a powerful vehicle to continue a difficult but important conversation about acceptance and respect at Lee Middle and High School.”

-Kerry Burke, Principal, Lee High School, MA


“Your students will get more from this hour than they could get from a number of counseling sessions.”

-Tina Higney, Teacher, Ware High School, MA


"Random Acts presents the causes and effects of bullying on everyone involved from the assailant to the bystanders… Well done!”

-William Mahoney, Principal, Hopkins Academy, MA


Students say:


“After the play, kids were nicer to each other. You really saw a difference.”

-Student, Gateway Regional High School, MA

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