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(FringeNYC 2012)



Written by Brenton Lengel

Directed by Jessica Creane


Snow White awakens to Prince Charming’s Kiss…28 days after the zombie outbreak. Now Snow White, Rapunzel, and Prince Charming must escape a horde of undead fairytale characters to confront the enigmatic Black Fairy – all the while locked in a vicious love-triangle, and hunted by the re-animated corpse of the Big Bad Wolf.


Blood, sex, kung fu, and gender politics…fairytales as usual.

Snow White Zombie:


"It is my great pleasure to report that Snow White Zombie: Apocalypse is as good as its name. It is a wonderful, clever, action-packed play with a heck of a lot of heart and chock full of a dizzying amount of talent."

- Naomi McDougall,



“The show is funny and thoughtful, dark without being gloomy…[it] easily could be considered among the hierarchical progeny of such sweeping cultural masterpieces as Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods, and such modern-day cult classics as the Simon Pegg-fronted rom-com-zom Shaun of the Dead.”

-Marti Sichel, Woman Around Town 



“Ambitious, satirical, creative and risky, [Snow White Zombie: Apocalypse] is far more than a cartoon or horror spoof.”

-Rob Lester,

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