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10th Anniversary production at 59E59 Theaters - The City That Cried Wolf


At 59E59 Theaters: Theater C Nov 18th - Dec 11th, 2016

Join us for our very special 10th Anniversary production of the show that started it all for State of Play Productions! We are thrilled to be returning to 59E59 Theaters for the first time in nine years with this film noir, fairy tale dark comedy with a healthy splash of political commentary. LITTLE BO PEEP - Sultry singer seeks her sheep! JACK B. NIMBLE - Private Eye hot on her tail! Corruption! Passion! Betrayal! Scrambled Eggs! Can Jack crack Rhyme Town's stickiest murder, or has he fallen for the wrong dame? Join private eye Jack B. Nimble as he makes some astonishing discoveries while tracking down the criminal mastermind behind the murder of Councilman Humpty Dumpty. A film-noir style detective story featuring everyone's favorite nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters. Directed by LETA TREMBLAY With HOLLY CHOU, MICHELLE CONCHA, DALTON DAVIS, ADAM LA FACI, REBECCA SPIRO, GWEN SISCO, DALLES WILIE "...THEATERGOERS WILL LEAVE WITH A SMILE." -The New York Times "AN INGENIOUS, COMICAL, SUSPENSEFUL MYSTERY."<

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